triple monitor sit stand workstation

We spent some time on research for finding the best triple monitor sit-stand workstations and gathered some right information for our viewers. We found out that Innovative WNST-3-FS-M-BLK-124 is the best available product in the market to buy. Professionals always strive for increased productivity. It is a fact that triple monitor sit-stand workstation enables professionals to increase their productivity from 50-70%. Graphic designers, video editors, accountants, engineers, architects, gaming nerds now use triple monitor sit-stand workstation to work more convenient and efficient.



From here start writing its reviews, specs, pros and cons, why its best, who is this for, why it may be problematic (whatever data you have to share)

 Why Innovative WNST-3-FS-M-BLK-124 is the best product available in the market?

It comes with black work surface and silver metal. It is also available in all black and all white colors. It is designed in a way that it converts any desk into a triple monitor sit-stand workstation. It is compatible with iMacs. Manufacturing Company produced this innovative product on a research on working while sitting throughout the day. It states that working while sitting throughout the day has the same negative consequences like smoking. It integrates your day that boosts your health and wellness. It provides expansive workspace as it has natural wood surface and you can store all necessities in a convenient storage tray while you stand.

Pros of  triple monitor sit stand workstation

Following  things  make this product lovable

  1. Monitor management: you can manage and adjust monitors at the right height,angle and position according to your comfort.
  2. Stability: It is specifically engineered for stability. There is no unwanted movement.
  3. Height adjustable: it’s height  is adjustable for both sitting and standing positions. You can enjoy work in any posture position.
  4. Cord management: it comes with cable clips on the beam and it keeps the chords under control.
  5. Lighter weight: it weighs only 107 pounds which makes it lighter among other competitive products.

Cons of triple monitor sit-stand workstation

The drawbacks and downside to this gadget are these;

  1. This sophisticated product is a little expensive.
  2. It is very fragile,if you drop it or hit it with something it will certainly break.

Monitor and Desk Mount specialist Mount-It

Second product tried and tested by our team is monitor and desk mount specialist mount it. It will certainly change the way you work.

Pros  of Monitor and Desk Mount specialist Mount-It

Following are the features will prove why it is a good choice to buy.

  1. Sit-stand: it can be moved from sitting position to standing position in just mere seconds. It brings control to your desk and you can work from more comfortable positions. Research shows that working while standing is healthier.
  2. Full motion mount: for your convenience this mount is full motion and height adjustable over 9.3” for the dual LCD monitor. 17.2” for the gas spring arm and 3.15” adjustable at the pole. Monitors can be tilted up to 45 degrees and down 13 degrees with a combined 360-degree landscape to portrait rotation.
  3. Dimensions: there is plenty of space for mouse and mouse pad combination in the keyboard tray. Secondary storage tray is 24 inches wide and 16 inches deep to support laptops, binders, notes,etc.
  4. Installation and material:  installation is easy. Materials are heavy duty and it’s construction keeps desktop stable and durable.
  5. Compatibility: it supports 18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,27 inch monitors.

Cons  of Monitor and Desk Mount specialist Mount-It

Cons of this product are negligible, there is only one complaint we found and that is when your desktop is tall, in lower seated position, the keyboard will be lower than desk surface. However  it doesn’t  have a keyboard shelf.


Our research and testing has brought us at some results. Among the wide variety of triple monitor sit-stand workstations Innovative WNST-3-FS-M-BLK-124 is the best deal you will ever get. Our most fair suggestion about making the purchase decision is that it’s pros outweighs cons.

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